Month: October 2018

Midtown Suites Guocoland in Bugis

How Midtown Suites Changed Beach Road. The world-renowned developer Guocoland is for another good reason getting to the public domain following the latest development they have done. What was known about the Beach Road in the past has tremendously changed following the modern icon the Midtown Suites Bugis that gives the place a new look now. The plan that was laid down by Guocoland on Midtown Suites Beach Road give the best opportunity for the development to accommodate almost all the amenities one can imagine within the same place.

Midtown Suites Prime Location by Guocoland Singapore

The prime location of the land where Midtown Suites sits give it an upper hand to meet both the current and the future needs that may exist. The duo that currently shares the joint venture on the development, the Guoco Group and Guocoland in the ration of 3:7 have presented one of the most harmonized joint venture development. The collaboration that also existed between Guoco Group and Guocoland was seen as a strengthening factor that gave the site its lucrative price the won the bid. The cost of $ 1.62 billion is very significant and the site that is located next to Beach Road has attracted the attention world the world raiding more expectation.

Midtown Suites Facilities Located in the Development

When you visit Midtown Suites Guocoland today, you get to enjoy all the amenities that you need from a single floor plan. Major facilities that enhance human activities such as clubhouse, indoor gym, and function room are hosted inside the development. Your kids aren’t left behind on the development as it’s equipped with playing ground for children making them enjoy all the kind of fun that they may need. Midtown Suites Location also gives you the opportunity to enjoy both indoor and outdoor games including swimming in a sure way following the guardhouse within.

Midtown Suites Beach Road Singapore

This can be unbelievable for many as Beach Road that had no name in the past now offers some of the best and tranquil lifestyles one may desire. You also get to have full family time, entertainment, and fun on the BBQ pits with the whole family or loved ones with a lot of ease. An economic hub is now a place that has beehive activities as the vicinity hosts some of the best shopping centers where Midtown Suites Condo sits. Residents within the development now have a lot to enjoy including Esplanade Park where they can have some of the best family time. The Bugis Junction and Marina Square that is popular are all waiting for you when you visit Midtown Suites site and floor plans.