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Twin Vew China Construction Near Jurong Business District

The proximity of the Twin Vew to the Jurong Lake District, Westgate Mall as well as other strategic locations in Singapore has made the land one of the most hotly contested lands. Since it was announced for leasing, Twin Vew Jurong attracted many bidders who wanted to lease for residential development. The China Construction Development won the lease with a bid of $292 million and was closely followed by MCC land who offered a bid of $289.9. In the government Land Sales Programme in Singapore, this real estate development was seemingly one of the properties that attracted a bid higher than what analysts predicted.

Twin Vew Jurong Central Business District

Located in Jurong, Jem Shopping Mall is one of the stylish and popular malls in Singapore. The residents enjoy a wide range of products and services, to fulfill their stylish needs. The mall is also easily accessible from the Jurong East MRT station, which is one of the biggest Singapore’s stations.

The Westgate Shopping Centre is situated next to the JEM shopping mall and can also be accessed through the Jurong East MRT and the Jurong East Bus Interchange. Most of its restaurants are clustered in the mall giving the residents a variety to choose from. The Westgate mall also has an office space and lots of food stores outlets including the Isetan Supermarket.

Twin Vew China Construction Development

The proximity of Twin Vew China Construction Development to established schools makes it even better especially for families who live in the location. The schools include the Hua Primary and the Clementi Secondary schools. Similarly, international schools are within the vicinity such as, The Japanese Secondary School, which has made the investment a worthwhile venture.

The plots represented in the area have attracted mostly private residential investors who have identified real estate opportunities in the area. Consequently, West Coast Vale has become a hub for these investors especially following the launch of the Parc Riviera by the El Development.

Twin Vew Jurong High Speed Railway Terminus

The High-Speed Railway Terminus located in the Twin Vew condo acts as a strategic interconnection point between the location to other points such as the JEM, JCube, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, and the Jurong Business District. The future plans by developers to decentralize the Business District the city will even be more convenient for Twin Vue residents it will 5 minutes away drive from their location.
Conclusively, Twin Vew west coast vale is located in a private residence where one cannot luck the basic amenities needed for his/her family. The young dwellers in the area need not to worry; the JCube is a popular mall that features trendy and fashionable products. A unique lifestyle awaits you in Twin Vew West Coast Vale, come many, come all.


Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate at Jalan Eunos

Developed by one of the well-respected developments companies Roxy Homes, this new set of condominiums will give residents the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations. The set of nits is expected to be completed in the next five years on several pieces of land that the developer acquired, last piece being in 2016. The combined pieces of land will ensure that the residents get the most spacious freehold condominiums with lots of serenity in the surrounding area. Many amenities like shopping and entertainment centers are around the area, making it easier to run daily errands and have fun. Both public and private transportation is readily available in the site area, with several buses being near the Eunos Link and Bedok Reservoir Road for those seeking the public option. The development is near to Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate at Jalan Eunos.

The Navian Roxy Homes Near Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate

They can also access transportation from the Eunos MTR station while those who prefer private transportation can drive easily to the CBD using any of the multiple roads available like Pan Island Expressway. All these and the fact that the site is away from the CBD ensures the tenants live in a secure environment that doesn’t have noise interruptions while still accessing necessary amenities with ease. The Navian is perfect for families and single people who are looking to invest or buy their own homes. The Navian is near to Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate as well as Pan island Expressway.

Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate Paya Lebar

The site is located at Jalan Euros near Paya Lebar square and Tanjong Katong Shopping Centre. Other amenities in the nearby location include One KM mall, Singapore post center, Food centre and Geylang Serai market. All these facilities contain different amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants and a variety of entertainment centres suitable for people of all ages. Whether its food stuff, clothing, furniture, electronics or any other item you require, you can easily find a shop in the surrounding area. Some of the schools in the surrounding include Telok Kurau and East Coast primary schools together with Bedok North and Manjusri secondary schools, making the place ideal for families with children.

Roxy Homes Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate

The 24,909sqft site plan will have many amenities within like a swimming pool, sun deck, a barbeque area, tennis court, indoor gym and children’s playground. Other additional amenities include a guardhouse, a clubhouse and a function room where residents can hold meetings or parties. The 48 units will be facing the Kaki Bukit area. The units will be distributed in six storeys and will comprise of three, four, and five bedrooms. One side of the units will be facing the Eunos link while the other Bedok Reservoir road ensuring that each side gets an amazing view.

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Parc Botannia Wee Hur Development Near Seletar Mall

Parc Botannia is an exciting new real estate development that promises to offer extraordinary opportunities to future residents who are seeking a luxury lifestyle. Due to rising demand for high-class condos, Sing Development & Wee Hur Development have teamed up to come up with an ingenious idea to construct a stunning private development in district D28. The site itself occupies 17,196 square meters and the gross floor area consists of 51,558 square meters distributed across four towers. It aspires to be an enormous, awe-inspiring22-storey condo that will be the envy of its rivals in 2022 when it is estimated to be completed.

Parc Botannia Wee Hur Development and Sing Development

One of Parc Botannia Condo key selling points is undoubtedly its terrific location: the center of Jalan Kayu in the northern part of Singapore — an area which is conveniently surrounded by stores and bars. Namely, there are the Jalan Kayu Eateries which contain a plethora of different restaurants of which at least one is going to whet your appetite. There is also the famous Kopitiam Square where you can delight in the rich Singaporean cuisine. Parc Botannia also provides numerous entertainment venues for relaxation and pleasure, such as the Seletar Mall which has a modern movie theatre – an excellent attraction for the younger generations. Speaking of youngsters, they will have quick access to high-quality education by being located close to the Sengkang Green Primary School, Pei Hwa Secondary School, Nan Chiau Primary School, and Nan Chiau High School.

Parc Botannia Fernvale and Sengkang MRT Station

Aspiring residents of Parc Botannia Wee Hur will also be situated near the local Compass Point and Greenwich V: places that are well-known tourist attractions. Of course, residents will be in the vicinity of crucial facilities such as the Sengkang General & Community Hospital and the Sengkang Sports &Recreation Centre. The site is a magnificently beautiful, verdant paradise placed next to a serene forest near Fernvale Cresent. Alongside the aforementioned facilities outside of the site, you will also have the privilege of enjoying many facilities inside the site itself. These include a swimming pool, an indoor gym, a tennis court, a children’s playground, and a BBQ area. In short, the resort is a paradise that is perfect for a tranquil escape for both individuals and families.

Parc Botannia Condo The Seletar Mall

Parc Botannia Wee Hur offers varied housing options that are best suited for your individual needs. You have units ranging from single bedrooms all the way to four bedrooms. Furthermore, you can choose whether you want to face the Sengkang West Way or the Fernvale Street according to how you plan to spend your time in this exquisite place of dreams. It is noted that mass-market condos are more popular in Singapore because many buyers are restricted by the loan amount that can be granted for banks for buyers looking for a property. In particular, there is loan restriction racial to buyers will already have a pretty low, such as an existing HDB loan as well as assisting private property loans. Therefore, many buyers may be looking mass-market condominium with launching prices by Sing Development and Wee Hur Development. The development is close to Thanggam LRT Station as well as The Seletar Mall. The Seletar Mall is located next to Fernvale LRT Station. Fernvale LRT station is located just one stop away from Thanggam LRT Station and Parc Botannia is located right beside Thanggam LRT Station.

It is not that the recently Singapore property prices has picked up and many buyers are not able to afford most of the new project launches in Singapore. In particular, the total debt servicing ratio has cost many buyers not to be able to get the full 80% loan for the our ideal dream home purchase. This has affected many property developers who are looking to offload their properties before they are seated by the qualifying charges. Qualifying charges are fines imposed by the local government for your needs. There are not sold after the years from the competition.

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