Serangoon Town in Singapore

Serangoon is a planning area and a residential area located in the northeast part of Singapore. Serangoon estimated population is 70,100. They also managed to build 21, 487 flats in Serangoon. In this article, we are going to talk about the history, etymology and other important things related to the town of Serangoon.

A Quick Overview of Serangoon Town

Singapore located on the far-east side of the world. It is well known because of its beauty. It is divided into 5 regions. These regions are also divided into areas. The whole Singapore has a total of 55 areas. One of the areas is called Serangoon, or Serangoon Town. It is exactly located in the north of Sengkang. The east of Hougang. The west of Hang Mo Kio and the south of Toa Payoh. Serangoon is well known to be a residential town.

Back in 1826, the main occupant of Serangoon is Indians. The brick kiln’s and cattle industry are their main work back then. The industries were discontinued as the time pass. But the culture and festivities remain to be Indian. In truth, the area is commonly called to be “Little India”. During the world war II, Serangoon Town is known to be a home of “Kampung Settlements”.

History of Serangoon

The etymology of the word “Serangoon” has been difficult to uncover. Professionals have been uncertain about it. The word has many origins. One of the possibility is it is derived from a bird called “Burong Ranggong”. It was commonly found in Serangoon River. The other is the number “one” or “Satu”. It is then derived in Malay as “Sa”. Which led to “Saranggon”, the former name of Serangoon.

Evolving Through The Years

Serangoon is a residential town. But it evolves to a more urban town when the NEX (One of the largest shopping mall in the north-east of Singapore) was built.

Popular Places

-Serangoon Town Centre

Serangoon town centre is located near the bus interchanged. It has 125 shops offering a variety of places. This town centre has a multi-storey car park.


NEX is one of the most popular places to visit in Serangoon Town. It is where the residence and even the tourists go. It offers broad categories of places such as retail stores, entertainments, restaurants, and transportation.

Transportation and Education

The Serangoon bus interchanged was opened back in 1988. It was later transferred to NEX. There is also a North East MRT line that is parallel to a large part in Serangoon. Serangoon Town has 5 primary schools. It also has 4 secondary schools and one college called “Nanyang Junior College”.