The Garden Residences Serangoon Site Plan and Location

We all dream to live in a serene and conveniently located place. For those wishing to live somewhere that’s centrally located and having great access to shopping, schools, and transportation, they may need to consider The Garden Residences at Serangoon. The garden Residences is a new development by Keppel land and Wing Tai Holdings. Wing Tai was founded in 1955 and over the years the company has proved to be a trustworthy and reliable choice in Singapore’s real estate industry.

The Garden Residences Serangoon North Avenue 1

The two have taken the joint venture for the development of private residences in Serangoon. They plan to put up around 600 homes. Such garden residences Keppel Land certainly are going to attract several new residents since so few new condos have been, in recent times, established in this area. The Garden Residences Location is located at Serangoon North Avenue 1.

There are some few developments around The Garden Residences worth mention. They include Terrasse, found at Terrasse Lane (Districts 19-21). They have some 414 units, on a total of five floors. It was completed in 2015. The Garden Residences Serangoon is ideal for families particularly since they are quite near to schools. Investors may benefit a lot since the families are going to come with the alternative of sending their children to schools such as Lycee Francais De Singapour, Nanyang Junior College, Rosyth School, or Serangoon Garden Secondary School. All these schools are quite easy to get to.

Garden Residences at Serangoon Keppel Land

The Garden Residences Condo is also close to adjacent shopping centers. And even when you are not able to walk to a shopping center, it is easy just hopping on the Central Expressway so as to access every part of the country from just a single location. The Central Expressway will take you to the city when you are searching for a specific item, or you want to do something in the city that particular day.

For a good food in a relaxing atmosphere, you may try out the Chomp Chomp Food Center found nearby. But when you’d like to go shopping, also nearby is the Serangoon Garden Market. It has all the necessities you may need for your household. Walking some bit further, you are going to find the Serangoon Sports Center when you need some fun physical activity. You may also want to visit the Lorong Chuan MRT Stations and the Serangoon MRT. With the two bus stations, you may quickly get to anywhere you would wish to visit without worrying too much about your location.

Garden Residences Site Plan and Location

So What’s Big For the Garden Residences by Keppel Land and Wing Tai Holdings? Serangoon residents have at their fingertips several amenities, plus all the transportation required for some pleasant living experience. And the government for years has been and will continue working for this. They are preparing even better facilities together with more recreational alternatives plus improved transport connectivity. The Masterplan is meant for the residents. They are working hard to ensure that Serangoon becomes a livable and self-sufficient town. Whether you plan to look for a job opportunity close to home, or some place to live which is located centrally, the Garden Residences is the ideal place for you. Ensure that you look quickly though. This is because they are bound to be quite so popular and it requires you to snatch a place very fast.